Past Events


African American Museum 


A fantastic screening of "Collective Conscious Shorts" at the African American Museum in Philadelphia. Thank you to curator James Clairborne (middle) for organizing and moderator Charisma (left) The event included "No Fats, No Femmes" (dir Jamal Lewis) , "See You Yesterday" (dir. Stefon Bristol), and "We Are Sankofa"

New Voices in Black Cinema


What a powerful selection of films! An honor to screen at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of the 8th annual New Voices in Black Cinema

Williams College


Thank you to Williams College and the Religion Department for inviting me to screen. I chatted with students in the Race and Religion course taught by Prof. Hidalgo the day after the screening.

Nelson-Atkins Museum


The Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City gave me for the opportunity to present black enuf* in February. Having my work featured in the museum I grew up visiting was a dream come true. I appreciated the audience discussion on perceptions, racism, and ableism.

NY Feminist Film Week

Thank you SF Varino for programming an excellent selection of films at NYC Feminist Film Week! Pleasure to screen with Krissy Mahan, Patricia Silva, Constanza Mirré, and Joanna Rytel. 


Fringe! Queer Film Fest

(filmmaker Timothy Smith, Festival director Alexander Karotsch, DJ Sandre Le, and me; photo by  Silvio Balladares Fotografia  )

(filmmaker Timothy Smith, Festival director Alexander Karotsch, DJ Sandre Le, and me; photo by Silvio Balladares Fotografia )

I met a nice group of filmmakers at Fringe! and got sweaty on the dance floor after my screening. See "before" pic above. My first trip to London, and hope to make more!

Kemper Museum


Thankful for all who came out to the Kemper Museum for the Midwest Premiere of black enuf* Thank you for talking to people you don’t know about perceptions, engaging in discussion, and welcoming my art! Like a fantasy high school reunion. I’ll be back with the film in February 2018, come out & tell your friends.

Scottish Queer Int'l Film Fest

Carrie Hawks & Helen Wright, festival coordinator

Carrie Hawks & Helen Wright, festival coordinator

We had a great time in Glasgow at SQIFF kind folks and drunken singers in the streets. The festival had amazing films and a whole panel on Bisexuality which often gets lost at Queer festivals. That's me with festival coordinator, Helen Wright.

Brooklyn Museum

Thrilled to be back at the Brooklyn Museum as part of Black Queer Brooklyn on Film, a collection of film works featured in conjunction with We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women 1965-1985.  Quantum Split opened up the evening with three songs, then black enuf* screened followed by The Personal Things (dir Reina Gossett) and a sneak peak of Happy Birthday, Marsha.

Queens Museum: Set on Freedom

black enuf* screened along with other works curated by Hot Cabinet (Tiffany Joy Butler and Devyn Manibo). They curated an amazing set of videos and films that address the working dynamics of the Set on Freedom exhibition such as displacement, dispossession, home, and strength. The films centered on work from Queens-based video/filmmakers and artists of color who were raised in Queens neighborhoods, and whose work is influenced by this idea of home. 

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Grateful to be a part of URe:Ad Press selection featuring works by Masimba Hwati, Amir George, and Joseph Cuillier. Curated by Shani Peters and Sharita Towne. Plus black enuf* was featured in the Films in Competition!

First City Film Festival

photo by Lucas Guevara

photo by Lucas Guevara

My mother went to represent the film and accept my Best Animation Award at the First City Film Festival in Leavenworth, Kansas. Photo by Lucas Guevara.

MIX NYC Queer Film Festival


Great line-up at MIX 30 for the “We Agree Black and Brown Lives Matter” curated by Ferrin Solano. Including filmmakers Dolissa Medina, Brontez Purnell, Kristian Li, and Kengné Teguia

Animation Workshop

Getting ready for the animation workshop.

Getting ready for the animation workshop.

At the Kemper Museum, I lead an animation workshop for kids and adults. We watched old classics from Lotte Reiniger, Chuck Jones, and looked at Thai Shadow Puppets. Then we made zoetropes.

Out on Film: Atlanta's LGBTQ Festival


At the 30th Annual Out on Film, I was thrilled to see my buddies in the audience. I also had the chance to see Alaska is a Drag by Shaz Bennet, a film about an aspiring drag queen/boxer living in Alaska. BONUS: black enuf* won an Audience Award!!!

I picked up the Audience Award in ATL!

I picked up the Audience Award in ATL!

Mixed Remixed Festival in L.A.

Had the pleasure of screening my film along with "Silences" by Octavio Warnock-GrahamThe Mixed Remixed Festival is the nation's premiere cultural arts festival celebrating stories of mixed-race and multiracial families and individuals through films, books and performance.

Korea Queer Film Fest


Wish I could have been there for the 17th annual Korea Queer Film Festival! They screened Negro Hair Petting Zoo along with other queer films. Congratulations on a successful event!

Inception to Exhibition


ITE NY (Inception to Exhibition) hosted an in-progress screening on Saturday November 7th. They showcased the first length rough draft for a packed house and hosted a Q&A session afterwards.

I got great feedback from the audience. In the talk, I relayed how most people I interviewed for the film were open to talking about race. It’s a delicate subject in some circles, but it seems folks are anxious to share their thoughts and experiences.

Looking forward to the final draft in early 2016!

CinemAfrica in Sweden!


Thank you to the entire team at CinemAfrica which has been showcasing African Diaspora films for 20 years.  My Nordic country premiere! A big thank you to  Dina Afkhampour and Samuel Girma for wonderful questions and programming.

Best Animation Award


Grateful to be among the recipients of film awards from the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Festival. black enuf* won "Best Animation" at the 20th annual festival.

Barnard College


Joan Snitzer, my former advisor, hosted me for an intimate screening with current students. We chatted about animation, and how to make predominantly white institutions more welcoming for people of color. Thankful for the opportunity and for the good questions/feedback from these bright folks. 

Reel Sisters of the Diaspora

me, Marjuan Canady, Gabrielle Moses, & Francesca Andre (L to R)

me, Marjuan Canady, Gabrielle Moses, & Francesca Andre (L to R)

Billi Martin (host), Marjuan Canady, Carrie Hawks, Francesca Andre, and Gabrielle Moses

Billi Martin (host), Marjuan Canady, Carrie Hawks, Francesca Andre, and Gabrielle Moses

Screened with these fantastic directors in Brooklyn. Their projects included a kids' series, (How to With Callaloo, dir by Canady), a short about colorism (Charcoal, dir by Andre), and one with an albino protagonist (Leche, dir by Moses).  Listen a snippet of the Q&A after the Alamo screening

Premiere Screening @ Verso Books

Verso Premiere

Much thanks to Verso Books (Dumbo location) for hosting the world premiere screening of black enuf* We had a great turnout and a fantastic crowd! They discussed perception and identity before watching all three of my animated documentaries. Shout out to my editor in the front row!

BlackStar Film Festival 2017

I love this festival! Maori and her team curate an amazing selection of films, panels on Black Aesthetics and Distribution, and art exhibits. black enuf* screened with Mtume Gant's film "White Face" and Elizabeth Webb's "For Paradise" If you're anywhere near Philly, get there next year!

Brooklyn Museum 2015

In February 2015, The Brooklyn Museum asked us to present an in-press screening during First Saturdays. Tickets for the screening ran out in just 15 minutes! We were please to have such a packed house and a great audience.

Before the screening, I lead the audience in an exploration of identity: perceived vs. actual. Each person explored how others see them and how they see themselves. For the next few minutes, they shared these ideas with audience members. A few brave souls volunteered to share with the entire group. I learned a lot and appreciated the honesty.

LASS Screening at SCAD


LASS (Ladies Animated Short Screening) had a nice turnout for our screening and panel discussion at SCAD. Savannah charmed us with ghost stories and grits. Great to see budding animators and talk shop with these artists.


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